Our most commonly asked questions.


Q. Can I hose down my car first or can I use it in  the rain?

A. The Ultimate Finish process requires no water at all. To be most effective and to avoid run off you are best to spray on to a dry vehicle ideally out of direct sunlight or rain.

Q . How many washes can I get out of one bottle?

A. It depends on the size and style of your vehicle. Ultimate Finish can be used to clean everything from a motor cycle to a boat to a caravan. On a small to mid-sized compact vehicle you should be able to get up to eight washes from one bottle.

Q. Does this product have an expiry?

A. We only ship new freshly batched formula. From the time of purchase it will remain effective for four years.

Q. What if my car is muddy?

A. Ultimate Finish will do an excellent job of removing bug stains, bird droppings, tree sap and general dust, dirt and grime. If your vehicle is excessively muddy or dirty, you should remove this first before spraying on Ultimate Finish.

Q. Can I use Ultimate finish on windows, mirrors and wheel trims?

A. Yes. It will be effective on all these surfaces. Avoid spraying it on to leather, vinyl or fabrics. Don't use on the interior of your vehicle or motorcycle seats.

Q. Can I reuse the microfibre cloths.

A. Yes, the cloths are both machine washable and able to be dried in a clothes dryer.

Q. Can I buy Ultimate Finish at a shop in New Zealand?

A. No. This authentic Ultimate Finish with its superior formulation is only available directly from us through this website.

Q. Why should I complete one panel on my car at a time?

A. This avoids it drying out before you wipe it in. The wax formulation works best when wet and able to spread across the surface. You won’t do any damage if the formula dries on your car before it is wiped off but it won’t be as effective.

Q. What’s the smell?

A. When finished your car won’t only look like it has come back from the groomers – it will smell like it too! That’s the unique Carnauba wax formulation that ensures your car is not only washed it’s also wax protected.

Q. How do I remove the plug from the neck of the bottle?

A: The plug is there to form a watertight seal for shipping, and some people do find it a little hard to remove. If you can’t remove it with your fingernail, use a pair of flat-ended pliers. Alternatively, you can pierce the plug with the point of a sharp knife to form an ‘X’ and insert the trigger hose through that.

Q. It says on the bottle not to use on windscreens. Why is this?

A. This is a requirement for some of our international markets where any product containing wax is not recommended for windscreens due to the potential for smearing. As you will find, Ultimate Finish wipes off very effectively with the second cloth but if you are concerned, we would ask you to pay particular attention to ensuring your windscreen is streak-free or don't use it on the driver’s side of the windscreen.