A showroom finish with these easy steps

  1. Take Ultimate Finish bottle from container, unscrew cap and remove plug in neck, insert supplied spray gun and screw into place.

  2. Position your vehicle out of direct sunlight and somewhere it is easy to walk right around. No need for hoses, buckets or access to water. If the vehicle has excessive mud or dirt remove this first.

  3. Shake the Ultimate Finish bottle well. Start with one panel of your vehicle. Set the nozzle to a broad fine spray rather than a single stream. Spray evenly over the panel and include windows, chrome and wheel trim. You’ll find an even spray is all you need – you don't need to totally coat the panel.

  4. Take one of the included Ultimate Finish Microfibre washable cloths and rub the sprayed areas to spread Ultimate Finish over the entire panel. The lubricating ingredients will lift dirt and dust away from the paint work which will avoid scratching or marking. Pay particular attention to stubborn marks like bird droppings and tree sap.

  5. Take the second Ultimate Finish microfibre cloth and buff the panel and trims to a showroom shine! The unique Carnauba wax leaves an invisible protective seal which will not only protect paintwork but repel dirt and dust and keep your car looking cleaner longer.

  6. Move to the next panel and repeat the process until your car is clean and shining and smelling like it has just come from the groomers!